While we can probably expect snowfall in the range of 1-3 inches between the overnight hours Thursday into Friday, Ocean County Emergency Officials have the trucks and snow-melting gear ready to go.

Bicycle messengers in a snowstorm

With the first snowfall of the season set to hit the shore emergency crews have been doing prep work of their own to hit the snow cleanup head on.

The expected snowfall coming won't be nearly as bad as the storm we saw last January with Jonas but the Friday morning commute will still be a messy one.

Ocean County Roads Supervisor Tom Curcio explains that they were well prepared for this snowfall and all the brine trucks are out there today continuing the work.

When the snowfall begins tonight he adds, "our spreaders are ready to go and we have about 30,000 tons of salt on hand."

He explains that they make their brine by mixing salt and water in various locations around the county.

Curcio says to expect slippery road conditions but urges residents to leave time for the crews to clean them before you head out.

"The best thing to do is that if you can stay home, then stay home," said Curcio. "If you have to go to work be careful because roads will be slippery in the morning."

Whatever amount of snow will fall across the Jersey Shore, prep work was in full force this week.

"We have our fleet of trucks," said Curcio. "We have front-end loaders, back hoes, pickup trucks with plows and a couple hundred pieces of equipment all together for cleanup."

They also have additional contractor trucks on reserve should the storm become worse than anticipated.

For anyone heading off to work in the morning Curcio recommends using something other than sand to clean up the lots.

"Some towns still do a salt-sand mix but we just do salt," said Curcio. "For parking lots, your better off getting it plowed and put some salt down which takes away anything that might ice."

He explains that the order of clean up starts with the bigger county roads and then trends down to the secondary streets.

When you do head off to work Curcio says, "trying to stay on the primary roads are usually a better thing because they get taken care of first."

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