Recently, I shared my apprehension about eating Venison which  I knew would be served at my friend's dinner party.  The verdict?  It wasn't too bad!  Thank to all of you who posted your opinions and advice.

Reading all your comments got me wondering who the most adventurous eaters in Ocean County are.  Some people thrive on food adventures!  There are even guys on television who have gotten famous eating the most outlandish things as they travel the world.

I ate kangaroo meat in Australia and alligator meat in New Orleans.  But the most bizarre, surreal food experience I ever had was in South Korea.  If you do an internet search for San-nakji you will see lots of photos and videos of the tentacles squirming on plates.  You'll also see people like me, struggling to get a piece into the mouth; then the surprised look when the eater realizes the critter's suction cups have just latched onto the teeth, tongue, side of mouth, etc.  It was quite an unusual experience but I'm happy to say I survived it, not just once, but on two different occasions.

So let me ask you:  what is the strangest thing YOU have ever eaten?

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