• There has to be a safe way to allow people to be served at bars which in New Jersey remain closed.  Limit it to only those sitting at the bar and space out chairs by groups. Keeping them off limits is simply too much for many places to overcome any longer.
  • One of the upsides to the pandemic is the realization that there are so many people who have gone above and beyond to help others. From neighbors taking care of neighbors to those like Cliff Baker and Terrance Turnbach making sure people have something to eat it has been truly extraordinary to see once again that in the worst of times many are at their best.
  • We can only hope that Easter might have been the last major holiday with limits although I am not the least bit confident we’ll be out of the woods by Memorial Day Weekend.
  • I’m not 100% sure about how I feel about Major League Baseball pulling the All-Star game out of Atlanta over Georgia’s controversial new election laws. It just seems unfair to penalize the Braves, their fans and the local economy which will lose more than $100 million at a time when they not only needed the cash infusion but were planning on the boost that would have come with it.
  • I know I am old school but I see sports as a diversion from the mess that is the rest of the world…now it’s just another part of the mess.
  • Given a choice between being a famous singer, actor or golfer I would pick golfer. They always play in beautiful, warm and lush environments.
  • By the way the Masters will not be the same without Tiger but it will still be pretty spectacular.
  • I wish police officers would give tickets to pedestrians who are totally distracted while talking on their cell phones and crossing the street in the wrong place…while often taking their time as a snub to drivers.
  • Everything my friends told me about being a grandparent is true…it simply is the best.
  • Some mornings I wake up and wish I was 35 years old again. Then by the time I have read the news of the day I’m very content to be 65.  Also if I don’t make 66 the New York Mets bullpen will be a main reason why.


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