As we're sitting here at the end of October on a day that got into the low 70s, it's hard to think about snow. But like it or not, it'll be here at some point.

Earlier this month, we shared NOAA's Winter Weather Outlook, which told us that we can expect a milder than average but wetter than average winter.

Well, today, the agency is mashing a bunch of data together to try to predict when we'll see our first snowfall of the season.

So, what do all of those colors mean? In general, they're giving us a window of sometime in November.

Yeah, I know, kind of a wide range. But my take away from this - it's coming, and as we approach the end of October, it'll probably be sooner rather than later.

If you want to really get into all of the factors that they used to make the predictions and the map above, you can click here for the "Beyond The Data" article from

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