🚔 Police Captain in local New Jersey department addresses state of police in society

🚔 Tom Rizzo is the author of the book 'Copikaze: A Crucible to manage Mission Impossible'

🚔 There are changes and solutions he feels would help inter-department issues and public perception of police

The number of applicants are down, the amount of restrictions on police and the number of crimes are up as are the calls for change from police and of police in New Jersey and across the country.

Tom Rizzo has been in law enforcement in New Jersey for 22-years and has been promoted along the way to the rank of Captain with a police department in the Garden State.

He's also an author of the book 'Copikaze: A Crucible to manage Mission Impossible' which dives in deep into so many issues facing police from within their own ranks and departments and the restrictions from government and pressures of society and the support for police along with it, among other topics.

(Photo Courtesy: Tom Rizzo)
(Photo Courtesy: Tom Rizzo)

It's a quick and though provoking read, it won't take you long to get through and it'll provide you with some clarity and insight from the perspective of Tom Rizzo.

I read the book about a year and a half ago and later invited Rizzo to come on 'Shore Time with Vin and Dave' in February of 2022 to discuss the contents of the book and what everything means.

We invited Rizzo back onto Shore Time with Vin and Dave for today's show, which you can listen to below or when you go to work tomorrow morning via Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

This time, in addition to the contents of his book, we asked Rizzo to discuss his cross country trips and lecture-educational seminars he does with police departments everywhere on what issues they're facing.


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He also specifically goes, often, to locations across the U.S. where there has been a significant problem either internally or where there were incidents of police brutality.

On today's show, Rizzo spoke on what needs to change internally with police departments, externally with government oversight and restrictions, what works, what needs to change, the topic of reported police brutality incidents in different parts of the country, and much more.

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