If you're a sports lover who likes to spend the New Year's holiday watching college football, if you have young kids who love The Disney Channel, or if you just like to keep up with regional news, your TV habits could be about to change if you're a Verizon FIOS customer.

Covering large parts of the Shore, FIOS coverage stretches through the main population centers of Ocean County.

But a dispute between Verizon and Disney could lead to channels like ESPN, The Disney Channel, and New York's ABC 7 going dark by this time next week.

In a rare public press release on the subject, Verizon says that they're actively negotiating with The Walt Disney Company for a 2019 agreement, but those negotiations seem to have hit an impasse.

By the time that New Year's Eve 2018 rolls around, some of your favorite channels could cease to exist on your cable package by 5 p.m. on Monday.

We've seen this before from all of the major cable companies, including Comcast two years ago and Optimum earlier this year.

They usually end up with a last minute agreement, but with more customers cutting the cord and moving to streaming services, companies like Disney may be more willing to hold out.

So, consider this your official warning, if you're a FIOS customer, you may want to start looking at your options if you watch any of the Disney owned channels.


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