One of the first jokes that I remember is the one about traffic lights in New Jersey that goes something like this:

Green is for go.

Yellow is for go like heck to beat the red.

Red is for watch out, the other guy's got a green.

Funny? Sure.

And according to a new study, also true for New Jersey drivers.

We all know how it goes - you're quickly coming up on an intersection when the light switches from green to yellow and you have to make that split second decision, do you hit the gas and try to beat the light or do you hit the brakes and concede defeat until next time (hopefully, without getting rear ended by the guy behind you who just assumed that you were of course going to hit the gas)?

Well, according to a study by a New York car dealership, New Jersey drivers are among the most likely to hit the gas and take their chances.

According to Yonkers Honda, almost 59% of Jersey drivers hit the gas to try to beat the light, putting us at #4 on their list.

But we don't even come close to the state that took the top spot in their survey.

Apparently, more than three quarters of the drivers in Maryland grab the wheel, punch the accelerator, and pray, to the clip of 76%.

Also above us on the list were North Carolina and Tennessee. So much for southerners taking it slow, I guess.

You can click here to read more about the most likely and least likely drivers to try to beat a yellow, then stop by our Facebook page and let us know which category you fall into!


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