Driving in Ocean County is almost always an exercise in patience, bravery, and concentration, and when Mother Nature throws us a curve like she did with this week's snow, things can get even more nerve fraying on our local roadways.

A lot of us don't get to choose if we want to go out or not, you know, "adult obligations" and all that. But if you can spare the time to wait a few minutes, your drive could be a bit less of a white knuckle experience at the least and could even safe a life in the worst case scenario.

Safety experts say that the most dangerous time to be on a wet road is the first 10 minutes of precipitation, be it rain or snow.

When the rain or snow has just started to land on the highway it's mixing with oil on the surface of the road in slippery pools, a perfect recipe to lose traction and dangerously hydroplane.

If you can spare 10 minutes before you get on the road yourself, you'll give the water a chance to start soaking into the ground instead of sitting on top of it.

Oh yeah, and one more friendly winter driving reminder - brush the snow off of your car. All of it.


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