Hey New Jersey drivers! Let's face it - We kinda suck sometimes.

Here's a New Jersey stereotype we can probably all agree on: Driving around here isn't exactly a cup of tea. In fact - more often than not, it's downright awful. Why? Because of our drivers. (You're not off the hook either, Pennsylvania!)

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Don't you LOVE it when you're driving on I-295 and some driver starts riding your bumper when you're already speeding at 80 mph?

Or what about when you're caught behind another car merging into traffic and they don't accelerate to the flow of traffic? "You're really gonna keep going 30 mph in a 55?? Wow, ok."

And you've gotta love it when NO ONE seems to know what turn signals are - especially when they jut out in front of you from the other lane, with barely a car length's notice.

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Driving in New Jersey, half of the battle is anticipating other drivers' foolery, and acting accordingly to avoid collisions. It's really a wonder how some of us in the state even got their driver's licenses - a fact I think most of us are willing to admit.

Can you find drivers like this in every state? Sure. But New Jersey drivers seem to be a special case.

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But what is YOUR biggest pet peeve about New Jersey drivers? We recently asked you on our Facebook page, and answers came pouring in. It looks like a lot of us have grievances to vent about!

Credit: Austyn
Credit: Austyn

This list could honestly go on forever, but here are the things that make us go "WTF?!" driving in New Jersey! You're probably guilty of a few of these. Admit it!

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