🏈 Bobby Skinner of Talkin' Giants breaks down what the New York Giants need to do this offseason to take the next step

🏈 The New York Giants had a great first season under new head coach Brian Daboll but need to make some big moves to take another step towards Super Bowl return

🏈 New York Giants have a lot of decisions to make this NFL offseason explains Bobby Skinner of Talkin' Giants

It had been years of frustration to say the least for a lot of New York Giants fans and those who follow the team just watching loss after loss but perhaps more-so lack of depth and the right structure on the sidelines and in the locker-room needed to win.

(Photo: Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
(Photo: Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

The Giants nailed the hires they made last offseason bringing on Joe Schoen to take on the role of GM and deal with the unenviable position of getting the team out of a cap mess and then evaluate who was on the roster and who they could add at a cheap cost -- because they essentially had no money to spend, in fact, they had to figure out how to cut payroll.

The other big move was bringing in Brian Daboll to become the next head coach and he put together a really good coaching staff including Mike Kafka at OC and Don "Wink" Martindale at DC.

In doing all this, the culture in and around the team changed and that also included the fans who saw what was going on and how the players performed, and some even got better under the right coaches and GM.

(Photo: David Berding/Getty Images)
(Photo: David Berding/Getty Images)

The Giants were favored to beat the Vikings in the first round of the NFC playoffs on the road but were heavy underdogs to the Eagles, in part, because they couldn't match up from a talent standpoint.

That's not an insult, it's just the way it was, and kudos to the Eagles.

This offseason, Schoen has a lot of cap to spend on bringing in free agents, resigning players he thinks fit, and making really good draft picks again.

For a look into the Giants season, playoff run, and offseason upon us, Bobby Skinner of Talkin' Giants with Jomboy Media joined me on 'Shore Sports Talk' on 94.3 The Point this morning.

(Photo: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
(Photo: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

What positions do the New York Giants need to address most in the offseason

It's not as dire a question as last offseason but there are huge needs when it comes to finding WR's and LB's and not just starters and top talent but depth as well.

There is a lot of work that has to be done to find the right players that fit in the system Schoen, Daboll, Wink, and Kafka are building up.

"You're not going to be able to get stars, first round picks at every position, where you make your money is what you do in those mid rounds and maybe you get a star at one of them, but most of the time you're just looking to get a solid, good player," Skinner said. "You can always use press-man corners. I don't care what kind of defense you run, those guys are good in every scheme, they allow you to do different things."

The offseason will need to include a heavy focus on defense.

"They desperately need a linebacker, I mean, since I've began covering the Giants in 2019, this was the worst linebacker play I've ever seen," Skinner said. "If you asked me what position I want them to spend money in, it might be linebacker. If there's one position where they either need to invest highly in in the draft or use the money they're going to use in free agency, for me it has to be linebacker."

"It gets devalued in today's NFL for some reason, but a good linebacker makes your team so much better."

Getty Images
Getty Images

On offense, there is a dire need for WR's and interior OL.

"There's not a single position (on the Giants), besides quarterback, where you're like I like the starter and the depth," Skinner said. "Running back - you don't have good depth, Wide Receiver - you don't have good starters or good depth, even Defensive Tackle, you have great players in Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams - the depth is horrible."

The Giants did a lot with not a lot in some areas and essentially almost every position is up for grabs.

"You have to let Evan Neal be the RT, even if the Giants are very worried about Evan Neal at RT, he's got to be the RT this year, you invested too much to not let him be that," Skinner said. "I would let Feliciano walk, I'd bring Nick Gates back as the Center and then look to upgrade the position too. Ben Bredeson - I think was one of the more underrated players -- but he's looking like he's having a career full of injuries. Glowinski -- they're giving him a good chunk of money, but I would like to see them add somebody in day one or day two (NFL Draft) at that Guard spot."

Then, the need for WR.

"If there's one position that could help close the gap, it'd be WR1, because this offense -- 15th in PPG, 9th in EPA per-play -- but they did not have a guy who could just go out there and win," Skinner said. "There was a not a guy where you can go out there on the sideline and -- you press me up, I'm going to beat you deep -- they didn't have that guy."

You can listen to the entire conversation I had with Bobby Skinner of Talkin' Giants below right now or tomorrow morning on Spotify or Apple Podcasts by going to the 94.3 The Point channel.

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