New Jersey’s Best Small Town

This is a fun article especially if you love to travel here in the United States. It's the coolest small town in America and we have our selection right here in New Jersey for you to check out. When it comes to Jersey we have many "cool" small towns to enjoy, but according to Far and Wide, they have one selected as their favorite and it's no surprise that it's right here at the Jersey Shore. Looking at some of the Victorian home photos I have in the article have you guessed yet where we are talking about?

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If you guessed beautiful Cape May, New Jersey then you are right. According to Far and Wide, "Found at the lower tip of the Shore, just across from Delaware, this Victorian seaside town oozes charm from every corner. You'll feel as if you've stepped into a fictional Mayberry — only this one set along the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean."


I have been visiting Cape May for years and it's always a great place to visit. Cape May is a beach town, but it's fun to visit all year long. Great restaurants, bars, pubs, shopping, and history.

Far and Wide added that Cape May was incorporated in 1848 and has a population of only 3,480. Of course, that population soars in the summertime when folks flock to this gorgeous beach town.

By the way, Far and Wide selected iconic Cooperstown as the "coolest" small town in New York, and in Pennsylvania, the publication selected the charming town of Jim Thorpe as the coolest.


Cape May


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