This is a great find because obviously when you have a business that is a "hidden gem" we need to find it, right? Well, that's just what Lovefood has done. They list the best "hidden gem" restaurants in America, including their choice for New Jersey which is located in Monmouth County.


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So what makes a great restaurant for you? Great food is a must, friendly and efficient service is always needed, great prices, ambiance, and a great cup of coffee? Maybe that's my list but I am sure you probably agree. All these qualities make for a great dining experience. According to Lovefood, "Some of the most memorable food can be found in places where you least expect it – and stumbling across unexpected greatness can make an excellent meal feel like so much more."


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So for New Jersey, Lovefood selected a restaurant in Monmouth County as their choice for the best "hidden gem" restaurant in the Garden State. The Belford Bistro was the choice from Lovefood "Run by a chef couple, this quietly amazing neighborhood bistro based in a strip mall produces gourmet-style New American dishes. The inside feels luxe and classy – all white tablecloths and styled lighting  – and the food is high-end, well-balanced fare. Do they make all their pasta fresh in house? You bet they do. A mile-and-a-half from the New York ferry, this is an under-the-radar spot well worth celebrating."

Have you been to the Belford Bistro? If so give us your review and recommendations. We always encourage your feedback.


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