After seeing that movie "Florence Foster Jenkins" about the woman with the terrible voice who insists on performing, I started to think about my own talents.  And lack of talent.

The movie was inspiring because as much as I love music and musical theatre, I don't feel confident about my singing skills.  Somehow this movie character had all the strength she needed to share her voice with the world on record and on stage.  I wish I were that brave to do something for the love of it, no matter how bad the reviews!

When thinking about my musical shortcomings, I also remembered that I can't whistle.  Forget about carrying a tune, it's just the sound of me blowing air.  I also can't snap my fingers the way everyone can.  It's silent when I try to use my middle finger and thumb.  If I cheat and use my ring finger, as shown in the photo, just the slightest snapping noise can be heard.

We all have gifts and talents and I'd like to think that we're all making use of them and putting our skills to good use.  But, face it, we all have deficiencies too.  Are you uncoordinated but love to dance?  (Enjoy the video clip of Elaine's famous dance on "Seinfield".)  Are you clumsy but love sports?

What's something that you enjoy doing, even if you're not very good at it?

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