As we enter the fall season, gearing up for the unpredictable weather along the Jersey Shore, preparing our homes tends to be overlooked or left to the last minute in anticipation of potential challenges.

Yet, waiting until the last minute isn't practical when unexpected events like winter power outages or big storms can make it hard to get the help we need due to the high demand for supplies and services.

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I recently caught up with the Guaranteed Service team to gather valuable insights on optimal home preparation. They addressed key questions and highlighted the vital areas we should focus on.

Q: Is it really necessary to have a furnace or boiler tune-up done every year?

A: Yes, it's crucial to have a yearly heating tune-up to prevent major issues and ensure safe, efficient operation. Scheduling it at the season's start ensures your system is ready and helps avoid potential damage by addressing minor problems early. Proper maintenance enhances airflow, energy efficiency, and safety, aligning with manufacturer warranty requirements.

Q: In recent years, there's been a growing interest in whole-home generators due to the increase in severe storms and power outages. How does a whole-home generator operate?

A: Whole-home generators, connected to your home and powered by gas, continuously monitor your home's power supply. When an outage occurs, they automatically activate, providing uninterrupted power to appliances, lights, and more for days, depending on their size and usage. Generators are essential for unexpected power losses, especially during winter.

At Least 25 Dead After Historic Buffalo Blizzard That Has Paralyzed The City
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Q: What has caused the recent surge in home humidifier installations?

A: Humidifiers work wonders for your home and health, especially in colder months. Dry air from winter combined with heating and closed windows can harm your respiratory system. To combat this, a whole-home humidifier is beneficial. It helps:

  • Relieve sinusitis by ensuring proper sinus drainage in moist air.
  • Speed up healing from colds, asthma, and allergies by lubricating nasal passages.
  • Prevent nosebleeds by keeping nasal passages moist, particularly in dry climates. Many find it highly effective.

Q: A few people I've spoken to recently said they have lost expensive appliances due to lightning strikes. Can my devices be kept safe when there are storms with lightning?

A: That's a great question that I get asked very often. Whole-home surge protection is the solution. It safeguards electrical devices, extends their lifespan, and can reduce insurance costs by preventing damage. Installed at your main electrical panel, these devices divert excess energy to the grounding wire during a power surge, safeguarding all your appliances, from TVs and computers to HVAC equipment.

Major Winter Storm Brings Snow Freezing Temperatures To Big Swath Of U.S.
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Q: How can homeowners best prepare for harsh winter weather and ensure their heating systems remain reliable during extreme cold spells?

A: To ensure you're prepared for extreme winter cold snaps and avoid being left in the cold, consulting an experienced field supervisor is crucial. They'll thoroughly assess your entire system, ensuring everything is operating efficiently.

If not, they can offer valuable advice on heating options to prevent furnace failures, especially when prompt servicing may be delayed due to high demand during severe weather. This proactive approach helps plan for reliable heating and prevents discomfort during critical cold spells.

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