These NJ restaurants prove that vegan food doesn't have to mean bland food.

Maintaining a special diet during the holiday season can be difficult.  I know this firsthand, since I've been a vegetarian for 15 years.  Thankfully, I can fill up on side dishes, but I know it's not as easy for vegans, since many sides contain eggs or dairy.

According to Truly Experiences, more people have gone vegan or showed interest in eating plant based food over the last five years.  I've noticed the taste and quality plant based foods have drastically changed for the better since I stopped eating meat.  Maybe that's responsible for the sudden interest in eating less meat.

More families are also opting to go plant based for a certain day of the week, for health reasons.  According to MD Anderson Cancer Center, the benefits of eating plant based include: boosting your immune system, decreasing inflammation, increasing fiber, and more.

Obviously, Thanksgiving dinner is centered around turkey.  If you're trying to eat plant based this holiday season, these New Jersey restaurants have come up with delicious and creative menus.

Or, if you're not plant based, but are hosting someone who is, you can order dishes from these places!  Because trust me, there's nothing worse than a salad being the only option to eat on the menu, when everyone else is stuffing their faces with delicious food.

And, I know what you're thinking.  No, "tofurkey isn't the only option."

The deadline for Thanksgiving orders at many of these restaurants is approaching soon!  So if you're interested in having vegan options at your Thanksgiving dinner, you may want to act fast.


  • 1

    Nina Cucina - Brigantine

    Nina Cucina is a food delivery service in Brigantine that has a la carte and full vegan menu options. The choices sound so delicious, butternut squash lasagna, garlic mashed potatoes, and more!

  • 2

    Taste Buddy - Short Hills

    Although Taste Buddy is primarily a bakery with mouthwatering vegan options, they do sell stuffing and cornbread for Thanksgiving!

  • 3

    Whole Foods - Various Locations

    While Whole Foods isn't a small business, they are a great option for plant based foods. They're selling a premade vegan Thanksgiving meal for 2.

  • 4

    Green's Natural Food Market - Various Locations

    Green's Natural Food Markets is a great option if you're having both vegans and non-vegans for Thanksgiving. They sell turkeys and sides with meat and dairy, but have plenty of vegan sides and desserts too!

  • 5

    Good Karma Vegan Cafe - Red Bank

    The pumpkin baked ziti and roasted acorn squash really caught my eye. They also carry vegan desserts!

  • 6

    Seed to Sprout - Avon-By-The-Sea

    If you're only having one vegan guest, Seed to Sprout is a great option because they sell individual meals. But, they also have full sized options available. The brown butter sage mac and cheese looks to die for!

  • 7

    Talula's - Asbury Park

    According to Talula's Instagram Page, it's accepting Thanksgiving orders for vegan stuffing, biscuits, cranberry jam, desserts, and more!

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