You should always find a designated driver if you know you're going out and having some drinks because getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is not only illegal but costly on multiple fronts and fatal in certain crashes as well.

It's been well cautioned, taught, explained, etc. that you shouldn't drink and drive in New Jersey or anywhere for so many reasons.

There are criminal charges and traffic summonses that you'll be facing along with potentially some jail/prison time but the damage you can do to someone and their family by getting behind the wheel drunk and causing or being involved in a crash is detrimental.

A New Jersey State Senator has crafted legislation, which was introduced on Monday, that would make drunk drivers help pay financial support to children whose parents were killed in a that drunk driving crash.

“A child that loses a parent or guardian to a drunk driver experiences an incredible amount of emotional distress. Their entire life is upended in an instant and, in addition to emotional consequences, they may also suffer significant financial consequences,” Senator Ed Durr (R-3) said in a written statement. “Since parents are ultimately responsible for the upbringing and education of their children, if a parent is killed by a drunk driver, that driver should be held responsible for the financial well-being of those children.”

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Senator Durr explains that his bill (S-2679), was inspired by legislation advanced in other states, and that, if passed, "will require a person who is convicted of reckless vehicular homicide while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs to pay financial support on behalf of a minor—if the deceased is the parent or guardian of the minor."

He also explains that the financial support owed would continue for the child(ren) until they're 18-years-old or graduate from high school or if they have a mental or physical disability, the convicted drunk driver would have to pay financial support until that individual(s) is 21-years-old.

“Every day, there are children in New Jersey who continue to feel the painful effects of these drunk driving tragedies," Durr said. “By creating additional penalties, we will discourage other drivers from putting their life, and the lives of innocent bystanders, at stake.”

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