She's the love of my life- fresh, funny, truly a wonderful little soul that brings me sunshine every day! She's NOW 13 and her life and what she does is just so funny, it’s too funny not to talk about or write about! It’s all about sharing our adventures with you. Time flies. Thanks for all of your advice through the years, Mom's we are never alone! I guess it should be "Sue's Mom Blog", since she's so grown up now, totally laughing out loud at that!

Do you go through this - She's very fresh in this video but this is what happens all the time:



The struggle is real. Mom's and Dad's how do we make helmets cool? What is wrong with a helmet? She'll say I can't ride by people I know in a helmet. Why aren't they wearing one? Isn't knowing you could damage your brain bad enough for them?

Do you make your kids wear helmets? Honestly it's probably my fault because I didn't enforce it since she turned 10, now at 13 - she just refuses. What do you do?

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media (THIS IS A COOL HELMET)

She can be precious when she's not arguing about wearing a helmet and snuggling with one of her dogs.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media



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