I could open this article by asking whether you are a fan of kids being given "homework"? I was not a fan of homework, but what student is? If you are a student who loves homework please feel free to send a note and tell us why you love it :) For the most part, kids dislike homework and maybe parents as well. Not sure how teachers, I'm not a teacher. Homework is a part of education let us know how you feel click your choice below.



So on the topic of homework, a new survey is out from Brainly that discusses states around the nation that have trouble with homework and those states that have high scores on handing in homework.


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According to Brainly "We considered 25 factors grouped into three categories to create a state-by-state index of which students need the most help versus how well their schools support them. We selected student performance, school and teacher quality, and student concerns as focus areas."




Unsplash.com Marga Santoso
Unsplash.com Marga Santoso


According to the survey, we look pretty good here in the Garden State when it comes to homework. In the Brainly survey, New Jersey finishes 2nd in the nation when it comes to getting homework done and not needing much help to do it correctly. Only one state, Massachusetts, finished better than New Jersey in "ease" with homework. Not bad for us, but still stinks getting homework?

I understand the need to have comprehensive education and homework at times is part of it, but maybe strategically give homework in subjects that are easier to do on your own? Might make it easier for those who do struggle with homework?

CLICK HERE for more details and a look at the "homework" survey


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