These "phases" are a bit confusing, but we will get through this together.

It's a bit confusing, let's make it a little easy for you. Here are the details for Phase 2 of the three phases to open New Jersey thanks to the Phase 2 is COMING SOON, not yet in New Jersey, but when it does we will be ready.

**In Phase 2, all workers who can work from home continue to do so.

**Expanded retail to open in Phase 2.

**Outdoor seating at restaurants in Phase 2.

**Limited personal care in Phase 2. 

**Reduced capacity for indoor seating at restaurants in Phase 2.

**Museums, zoos, and libraries with significantly reduced capacity in Phase 2.

(These openings are only if they adhere to safety guidelines.)

We are currently in Phase 1 in New Jersey which includes phased-in activities that include state and county parks, non-essential construction, curbside retail, curbside restaurants, drive-in activities, beaches, and elective surgeries.

PLEASE REMEMBER to stay SAFE. We'll get through this together.

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