Just driving around, the Jersey shore, you can spot homes that take up a decent footprint.

A lot of the prices are based on the proximity to the water.  So that means a high-valued home may not be as large as you may think.

You can’t always judge those homes by their cover.  It may have a beautiful exterior, great interior, and a high price tag, but not nearly as large as you would think.

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For example, there is a gorgeous $14 million home in Mantoloking.  Barely 5,000 square feet.

It got me thinking, what is the largest home in our state?

Before we get to that, I wanted to see what state had the most prominent house.

 Angi.com, the largest home in the country is in New York.  The Hamptons to be specific, of course.

Are you sitting?  This home is a whopping 110,000 square feet.

Want to wrap your head around how big that is?  According to themeasureofthings.com, that’s almost as big as a New York City block.  Even an NYC city block isn’t as large as the mansion.

So, what about our beautiful Garden State?

The Largest Home in New Jersey

According to angi.com, the largest home is the Villa Collina.  It clocks in at around 46,000 square feet.  Listen, it’s no Fair Field mansion in the Hamptons but that is still pretty impressive.

This residence is so private that visitors, sometimes, have to sign an NDA.

What makes the Villa Collina stand out?

According to Manson Home Blog, some of the features of mega Moorestown, NJ mansion.


“[it] features a long tree-lined driveway surrounded by water, a double staircase entrance with 35 foot ceilings, a library, 4,000 square-foot gym, indoor pool, movie theater, 5,000 bottle wine cellar, 2 floor 60 car garage”



Regardless, this home is absolutely stunning, sitting in New Jersey, not too far from Philadelphia.

Don't forget how breathtaking some of the Jersey Shore homes are and we can give you that tour right now.

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