As I was out running errands this past weekend, I was passing through a neighborhood that I somewhat know in Wall, but I had never passed by this property, with a huge Tudor Revival-style mansion that dropped my jaw, before.

Of course, there are plenty of large homes throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Neighborhoods like Mantoloking, Spring Lake, Ocean Grove, and of course parts of Toms River and Brick are known for their multi-million dollar homes. But this stunning Wall Township building could put some of the million dollar waterfront mansions along the shore to shame, and brings to mind the massive celebrity and executive estates in Westchester County, NY or Greenwich, CT.

The whole building and surrounding property is both beautiful and sprawling. Here's a view from above

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After picking my jaw up off the floor, I went about trying to find out what was behind the walls.

It turns out that it was indeed built as a home in 1930, but as the decades passed, the property taxes became unwieldy (which all of us in New Jersey can understand!), and the property was sold to the Sisters of Saint Joseph in 1972.

Yes, it became a convent.

Today, it serves as the U.S. headquarters for Christian Missions in Many Lands, an evangelical organization with roots back to the 1800s.

It is of course private property, so walking up to take pictures is not a great (or polite) idea. But you can learn more about the residents at their website, and who knows, maybe you can get a tour if you reach out and ask nicely.


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