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Hiring Veterans is always a fantastic thing, New Jersey really believes in this policy because the Garden State is number one in the Nation when it comes to hiring Vets.

InMyArea.com this week released a study on the Best and Worst States for Hiring Veterans using the most recent data from federal & state governments, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau and the Veterans Affairs Administration.

According to the findings, NJ is best for hiring Vets and here are some of the breakdowns....according to InMy Area.com

  • Veteran unemployment rate: 2% (national average: 3.47%)
  • Change in unemployment since 2014: 74.7% (national average: 26.3% decrease)
  • Median annual wage for veterans: $46,848 (national average: $41,828.58)
  • Veteran owned businesses: 104.9 per 1,000 businesses (national average 148.21)
  • Veteran Affairs job training expenditures: $676.83 per veteran (National average: $607.75)

Here are the 10 "worst" states for hiring veterans: Ohio, Michigan, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, Wyoming, West Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

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