Finding an open parking spot at the Jersey Shore is basically the same thing as finding buried GOLD.

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I know you know what I am talking about.

Finding a place to park can feel like the ultimate accomplishment during the chaotic Summertime, humongous concerts, big food festivals, other major events and any other day ending in the letter "Y."

And like many of you know, there are big Do's and Don't's to keep in mind while driving at the Jersey Shore -- and in New Jersey overall...but I don't know if this one has been talked about just yet.

Let me paint you a picture.


So let's say you are looking for a parking spot and EURIKA,  you found an open area behind a car on the side of the road.

So naturally, you pull up behind the car, shift to Park and go on your merry way.


Where did you park exactly?

Have you ever pulled one of these?

attachment-Driveway (1)

Let's call it the "Green Car Move."

You pull into the parking spot with 2 to 3 feet of empty space in front and behind your vehicle.

Do you realize a third car could have fit in this space had you pulled all the way up like you should have?

"I don't want people hitting my vehicle." 

Um....who does?

But you parking like a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin does not make that any more or less likely because accidents will happen.

So instead of pulling a "Green Car Move," like you see drawn out above, what do you say we all squeeze in tight for others?

attachment-Driveway (2)

Isn't that beautiful?

The green car pulled all the way up behind the red car which created enough space for the blue car!

Everyone found parking which means that three happy drivers could have been spotted smiling as they walked away from their vehicle.

Let's call this the "Pull Up Rule."

No, it does not mean to do pull-ups every day...even though exercise is important.

What you SHOULD do...whenever you safely pull up your car as far as possible. So whether you are on the street, in a parking lot, on grass or even trying to find parking near a volcano, safely park your car but do so by solely using the appropriate amount of space needed.

No car needs 12 feet to park....except maybe a school bus.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk New Jersey drivers. Now let's put this rule in motion.

Nicole S Murray

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