You truly do not know what is happening under the sand at our beaches.

Just a few months after a visitor died from digging too deeply and getting trapped under the sand, one of our Jersey Shore beaches has been closed.

Kyle Anthony, TSM
Kyle Anthony, TSM

This area was not closed due to a hole being dug by a person.

This beach has been fenced off to prevent people from getting near a sinkhole.

Could not imagine walking around the beaches and seeing the ground just start to give way.

According to’s Nicolas Fernandes, the incident happened in Monmouth County at Bradley Beach.

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The good news is that only a small section was affected at McCabe Ave.

Google Maps
Google Maps

On Thursday, not one, but several sinkholes were starting to make an appearance near the surface.

Again, something, that can be extremely frightening.  When you think of a sinkhole, they usually appear quickly.  Several have appeared over the Garden State this summer.  Now we have to worry about them appearing on our beaches.

News 12 New Jersey
News 12 New Jersey

The Mayor told

“The holes were caused by breaches in an outflow pipe near the beachfront.”  He continued, “The borough is working with the Army Corp of Engineers, Department of Environmental Protection, Bradley Beach Office of Emergency Management, and Bradley Beach Department of Public Works to battle the issue”


This is a fantastic reminder never to dig holes in the sand because you never know what is happening under the surface.

Also, as the summer comes close, be aware of your surroundings.  If you see something on our Jersey Beaches, make sure to alert the proper authorities because it could save someone.

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