Unhappy with your electricity supplier? Surprisingly,  most people don't know they're not stuck with them. New Jersey's electricity market has been deregulated since 1999.

Power 2 Switch logo

A Chicago-based web site has just launched in New Jersey in hopes of raising awareness about deregulation and help you to choose an independent electricity supplier.

They're called Power2Switch.com. Spokeswoman Suzanne El-Moursi says their goal is to be a customer advocate platform where you can look for different electric suppliers in your market and price shop. "Simply the idea here is, why pay more when you don't have to given there are multiple suppliers of electricity in the deregulated markets that can give you the same electricity that you need but at lower cost?"

However, even with up to a 27% savings, El-Moursi says that only about 5% of New Jersey residential customers have switched to a less expensive supplier. Her theory? very few people know they can switch and even fewer know how. She says not only can consumers compare rates but they can switch suppliers online in under ten minutes through their web site and it's completely free. "We wholeheartedly believe that when citizens know more they choose the better choice for them and they do better. So, the big mission of Power2Switch is to produce in the end of this a more informed consumer in the energy space."

The web site is also running a sweepstakes awarding "Free Electricity For a Year."