I was looking at Instagram on Wednesday when I noticed that our friends at Van Holten's in Seaside Heights are going to be introducing a new "chocolate" flavor! So what do you think about Chocolate Covered Beef Jerky? That's right they are coming out with this new item soon! I'd give it a try and I though what about chocolate covered cheese doodles?

So what do YOU think? Are YOU willing to try? 

Here is some other "chocolate covered" ideas our morning show listeners came up with:

  • Jan ~  My bff and I went to Smithville Tuesday and saw that the candy store there sells chocolate covered BACON! No, we didn’t get any to try.
  • Dale~ Chocolate Covered Sue Moll! 
  • Lauren~ Chocolate covered sweedish fish or potato chips
  • Martha~ Everything!
  • Sue Moll~ Chocolate covered hard-boiled eggs!!!
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