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Denise Vetter

According to owners Steve and Denise Vetter, their Burger 25  is relocating this week. The new location will be 199 Route 37 Toms River.

The grand opening of the new Burger 25 location is this Saturday, August 1st.

According to Denise, this new location is a much bigger space. In addition, there will be an arcade inside and room for seating 88 inside. Also, the new Burger 25 in Toms River will have a much larger outdoor eating area....along with a pick up/takeout window

Denise added that they wanted to create a "bigger better atmosphere". She added that they had an all-time selling burger of the month during the pandemic Chicken and Waffles featuring Mikes Hot Honey which is going to be on the menu permanently.

Denise also had some "sweet" news to share... "We eventually will be featuring a new dessert option frozen hot donuts.... it's a hot donut infused with ice cream." That sounds fantastic!

What's your favorite at Burger 25? Is it the brewhouse burger, the Trenton burger, chicken and waffles or the mushroom swiss? so much to choose from and a perfect time of year to grab a burger to go.

Burger 25's former location in Toms River will be taken over by "Philly Philly Steaks".

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