It's the day after a major snow storm, and you know what that means - if you live in a residential neighborhood and you haven't shoveled yet, you'll be getting a lot of knocks on your door from budding entrepreneurs.

When I was a kid, we all had a hustle - there were the snow shovelers, the lawn mowers, etc. Almost every teenager had some way to supplement their allowance.

These days, the competition is pretty serious - groups of young adults drive around neighborhoods prowling for untouched driveways and sidewalks.

I was joking with News Director, Tom Mongelli earlier that I bet they have to carve up neighborhoods into territories and keep to their own zone lest they spark off a turf war.

The more we "joked" about it, I thought, I bet it's really all that far from reality.

Have you had offers for shoveling services today? Tell us what neighborhood you live in below!