Who has the best donuts at the Jersey Shore ?

Today is "National Donut Day" ! So with that we wanna ask what is your favorite and where is your favorite donut shop here at the jersey shore ?

Ranker.com put together a National "Donut" survey ....

The results of Ranker’s poll of The Best Donut Flavors are as follows:

1. Glazed
2. Chocolate Frosted
3. Boston Creme
4. Chocolate with Sprinkles
5. Powdered
6. Sugar
7. Custard Filled
8. Maple
9. Jelly Filled
10. Raspberry Filled

Ranker’s poll also reveals:
Men voted Jelly Filled donuts in the top of their list
Women chose Maple as one of their favorites
Millennial voters included Chocolate with Sprinkles, Sugar Donuts, and Cinnamon Donuts in their top 10
Baby Boomer voters included Powdered, Raspberry Filled, and Strawberry Filled in their top 10

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