We have reached the mid-way point of June which is more than anything the transition to summer at the Jersey Shore.  Many schools are finishing up with half-days and I think it’s fair to say it’s just about fulfilling the 180-day calendar.  Shore towns are starting to buzz with increased daily traffic, some beaches have lifeguards on duty every day and others will join them by the weekend.  Daily routines are about the change dramatically for many families and long-awaited vacations are just around the corner.  While we have had very comfortable weather to this point we all know that hazy, hot and humid is coming and will be with us for some time. Many of us live here not for January, February, March and even April but June, July, August and September. It’s time!

A couple of random thoughts:

Now that basketball and hockey seasons are over it’s all about football, which has become a true all-year round sport in terms of media coverage and fan interest.  You might be saying, “But what about baseball?” I remind you I am a Mets fan so the season ended in May.

If you frequent the same place most mornings for your coffee and stuff you become familiar with those who work there.  Every morning on my to work around 7:30  I stop at the QuickChek in Beachwood where Laurie is not just the cashier but a bright light   She also happens to be the best at what she does often working 2 or even 3 registers at a time during the busy morning rush.  I mention this because tomorrow is Laurie’s last day and I am among the many who will miss her. Thank you for always starting my day with a smile.

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