I want to thank Mr. Q of Mr. Q's BBQ for coming out to the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio!

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We sat down with this local Jersey Shore business owner to discuss a need-to-know topic for the Summertime: Grilling For Dummies.

Nicole S Murray
Nicole S Murray

Are you trying to go out less? Are you trying to save some cash by cooking yourself? Do you have no idea where to start?

You and me both.

Enter Mr. Q.

Nicole S Murray
Nicole S Murray

The business is based in Monmouth County and to start, Mr. Q showed off his all-in-one marinade!

When I asked Mr. Q to describe it in three words, he said, "Garlicy, sweet with a hint of soy."

Fun fact: this sauce was made by Mr. Q's mom and to honor her part in the business, there is a photo of her on every single jar. You see there at the bottom?

Nicole S Murray
Nicole S Murray

Who knew BBQ food would get me all choked up.

But here are the goods.

When Mr. Q stopped by our boardwalk studio, he revealed some grilling and BBQ tips which I am sure will come in handy, even for a beginner:

1. Preparation - Don't just throw food on the grill. Allot some extra time so you can marinade whatever you plan to grill.

2. While Cooking - Use a brush to add extra sauce and seasonings while you are grilling to get extra flavor. Don't just slab it on.

3. Temperature Matters - Follow temperature suggestions from cooking experts. If temps are too high, your meat will dry out. If it's too low, the meat might not cook all the way through.

Here are suggested cooking temperatures when grilling: Chicken -165 degrees; Pork - 145 degrees, Beef - depends how you like it depends how you like it but typically, 145 degrees is medium and 160 degrees is well done.

Bonus Tip: He hates to grill without his marinade.

Nicole S Murray
Nicole S Murray

I know what you're thinking: "He has a marinade. That doesn't mean he is a BBQ expert."

Okay, okay...well played.

But the marinade isn't the only thing Mr. Q has up his sleeve.

A big favorite amongst the Jersey Shore are his mom's famous skewers. You can get chicken or pork and they are marinated and brushed with his sauce.

We did a taste test while out at the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio. What do you think? Did they pass the test?

[video width="320" height="576" mp4="https://townsquare.media/site/393/files/2022/07/attachment-video-1657724362.mp4"][/video]

If you want to give these skewers a try, you can get them at Donovan's Reef Beach Bar in Sea Bright, Headliner Oasis in Neptune and Cee Gee's Bar & Grill in Jackson.

If you like what you try, you can order these skewers for your next BBQ! Try to place bulk orders at least one week in advance.

Mr. Q, thanks for the food and the tips. Show him some love this Summer, Jersey Shore!

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