A couple weeks ago, I posted an eyewitness account of a mountain lion or cougar sighting in New Jersey.

Soon after, another report of an animal. This report from Mantua, New Jersey even included photos of what the witness thinks was a mountain lion cub.

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These are just the latest of a number of stories I've written over the last couple of years, sparked by sightings reported by residents throughout the Garden State. You can check out many of these stories here.

Now, we have an animal report - and photo - from a resident in Eatontown, New Jersey.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Our witness, we'll identify her as "C", says she took this photo last Monday, July 31st, in her backyard in Eatontown.

"I was taking a pic of the deer. Afterward, I went to check my photo and I saw a big animal in the background. It's definitely not a fox... and if it was a dog it would have chased the other deer it must have been stalking this deer.  At 1st thought it might be a coyote but now I'm thinking a mountain lion."

Here's the photo:


Used with permission from "C"
Used with permission from "C"

What do you think? Fox, coyote, mountain lion? Let us know.

If you have had an encounter with a mountain lion in New Jersey, we'd love to hear from you. (Yes! Photos or video also welcomed.) Reach out to me via email: joe.kelly@townsquaremedia.com.

Thanks to everyone who's already submitted their stories. We hope to publish more news about mountain lion encounters in New Jersey very soon.

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