See that photo of my mother with her 70s-style hairdo?  It's one that always makes me smile.  I pull it out this time of year because it helps me get through the days leading up to and including Mother's Day.  Enjoying old photos and memories is a way I like to honor Mom.  But I started to wonder if there was more I could be doing.

A search on the Internet proved very interesting.  Grief counselors and family therapists agree that displaying and enjoying old photos is a healthy thing to do, but they shared many other great ideas.  I'll summarize some of them here:

  • Wear a piece of Mom's old jewelry
  • Do an activity that you used to do together
  • Tell stories about her
  • Cook her favorite dish, or a meal that she used to make for you
  • Take a road trip to one of her favorite places
  • Do something nice for another mother

If your mother has died, do you have any suggestions for handling Mother's Day?  If so, please share in the Comments section.  Sunday can be a difficult day, bringing up feelings of sadness and loneliness so your suggestions can provide help and comfort.