Last weekend we saw the "big" sports dome collapse because of the wind in Jackson. There is always something going on here at Adventure Crossing USA.

Major updates have been listed this week with openings and more future openings of some fun stuff.

Adventure Crossing is ready for spring break:

Adventure Crossing USA is a huge "sports" complex with so much more in Ocean County. Sports fields, dining, hotels, fun stuff for the family, and so much more. A wave pool for surfing, how crazy!

It's always been about fifty-fifty when it comes to this giant sports complex and other things on Monmouth Road. So many of you are and were concerned about the traffic and of course the property taxes for residents in Jackson. I totally understand. Also, it was brought up, will it be busy in the winter? So, far everyone seems to be liking what they're seeing and with all of the updates of the new things coming to Jackson is exciting. In January 2024 the wall climbing, arcade, and laser tag, and bowling will all open. That wait might be a little long, but new things are coming sooner.

As we get ready for more and more exciting things at Adventure Crossing USA, Starbucks is getting ready to open. The sign is up, from the Adventure Cross USA Facebook page

The dome has been repaired after the collapse and will not be open for a couple of weeks. From the Adventure Crossing USA Facebook:

Adventure Crossing is excited about spring break beginning Monday, April 10th, 2023. Click here for more information about spring break at Adventure Crossing USA.

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