A couple of years ago we heard of the expansion of Mr. Restaurant in Toms River, it looks like it's happening.

I know in 2019, the owners of Mr. Restaraunt were hoping to clear what they wanted for an expansion of their very popular restaurant. It sure looks like the construction has begun, but I'm not sure if they're open during the construction or not.

Mr. Restaraunt is located on Rt. 37 East. Bandwagon / Mr. Restaurant is a very popular place, especially for visitors going to Seaside Heights for the day. According to app.com, the new building will have a larger kitchen, more seating for guests of the restaurant, and larger bathrooms. The owner of Mr. Restaurant says the renovations are for the patrons, they deserve it.

It is such a delicious restaurant. It was always small, but that was the appeal of this little quaint place, but the new building will be just wonderful. The new building is in the parking lot, I'm not sure where the new parking lot will be and if they own the lot next to them to add that. And, just wondering will they knock down the old building? Does anyone know?

Bandwagon has been around for almost 15 years and it's a spot where if family visits, they just love to go there on the way to the beach. I do have to say, their pancakes are some of the best around, and my personal favorite, cheesy scrambled eggs are delicious.

Have you been to Bandwagon Diner / Mr. Restaurant? What's your favorite meal there? Good luck with the construction and I can't wait to check it out. Hopefully, it will be ready to go by this summer.

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