Following the settlement between Beta Theta Pi and the New Jersey family of Tim Piazza, a Penn State freshman who died last year after being severely injured and neglected by his peers during an alcohol-fueled hazing ritual at the fraternity house, Monmouth University suspended all fraternities and sororities until further notice, citing the Greek community's inadequate response to "serious conduct violations". This information cited in an Asbury Park Press article this week.

According to the Asbury Park Press article, Monmouth University President Grey J. Dimenna made reference to unspecified troubles within the fraternity system at large as well as at Monmouth. Monmouth University has no recognized fraternity or sorority houses, on or off campus.

I have thought about the recent stories and for the most part, negative, reports about frats and sororities across the country. I do not pretend that these incidents are acceptable and should be dealt with, but I also cannot generalize the issue and say all Greek organizations are bad. I belonged to a frat while in college (the photo above are my actual letters or what's left of them) and we never had any problems. It is a shame that the "bad" Greek organizations ruin it for those "good" ones.

My fraternity did community events and never hazed. We actually had "brothers" and "sisters" that were equal.....maybe lil ahead of our time. Our frat was organized with a connection to our broadcasting department (MHZ) so we were also involved educationally too. There are many Greek organizations that are like this as well.

My personal opinion is that college/universities should deal with each Greek organization individually and it should be simple: break rules or cause harm and you are done. Have fun, be respectful, and help in your community, and you are fine. Crackdown on bad behavior and severely punish violators, and praise and acknowledge those Greeks who do good for their schools.

How Do YOU Feel About Greek Organizations at College/Universities?

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