From Sandy Hook to Manasquan, from Freehold Township to Long Branch, and everywhere in between, there is always something to do across Monmouth County in the summertime and there will be again here in 2022.

To discuss what's ahead this summer and to speak generally about all the great things to do in Monmouth County, Commissioner Director Tom Arnone was a guest on Sunday morning on 'Shore Time with Vin and Dave' on 94.3 The Point and 105.7 The Hawk and offered up some great ways to spend your days from now through October.

There is so much to do during the summer in Monmouth County, that you'll be able to enjoy yourself every day and feel like you're on vacation at the same time, and you'll have that feeling like you're in Monmouth County when you're really somewhere else.

"Anybody that's listening here (to 'Shore Time with Vin and Dave' on Sunday), I guess they could see that if they go away on vacation in the winter to some warm destination and they're sitting on the beach or they're sitting on their patio and they're just looking out -- I'm sure at some point in that time, they say 'my goodness, we never realized, we actually have this at home'," Arnone tells Townsquare Media.

Two years of pandemic-related shutdowns, state restrictions, and a labor shortage have dealt a series of daggers to small businesses and restaurants in Monmouth County and elsewhere, so there is hope for a booming summer here in 2022 to rebound and then some.

"I'm very optimistic, obviously as everyone knows, when you're talking about the beaches and will isolate out to the beaches alone first, it's all-weather generated," Arnone said. "If we have a beautiful, beautiful, hot, sunny, summer, we're going to have a banner-banner year at our beaches. I tout our beaches all the way from Sandy Hook -- which is obviously a federal beach -- all the way to Manasquan, which are the local municipalities. We are so fortunate because every one of those beaches are different, so it has the appeal to each and every resident in Monmouth County which best fits their needs."

On a nice sunny, summer day those beaches in Monmouth County get packed and that looks to be the case again this summer.

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"For the locals, they are starting to realize that we have the destinations that other people travel to, so why not stay home, it's more cost-effective and you have the resources there that you need. Then, it's the gas prices, gas prices are going to be huge, I mean, let's face it, this is about the only benefit that the federal government has done with inflation that has probably helped Monmouth County with the locals because they're not going to go anywhere, they're going to stay right here," Arnone said. "That's a benefit, probably, for our businesses here that we have."

Tourism is a huge industry for Monmouth County and the Jersey Shore in terms of revenue alone, so it's important that people living here, coming and going here, help out the small and local businesses and restaurants.

"We all talk about tourism and we talk about the summer and we gear it towards the beaches, but at the end of the day, there's a broader span of what tourism really has," Arnone said. "We have the western part of the county, we have the central part from the racetracks and all those destinations, and the malls and the events that we have, and the horseback riding and all of the farms and all those areas that also benefit the tourism season."

In 2020, mainly due to the pandemic and restrictions in place, Monmouth County Commissioners created the "Know Before You Go" initiative on their website to give people a better idea of which beaches were open and when as well as parking spots.

They may do that again this summer just because of how well it worked in keeping things organized and giving people a heads up.

"We are definitely going to do that," Arnone said.

One example of the "Know Before You Go" coming in handy will be this summer in Long Branch when 'Oceanfest' kicks off.

"When that weekend comes -- it's crazy there, so we're just going to make sure that when people come, they know that you're going to have a difficult time parking -- not to discourage them, but just to let them know for when they're coming to that region of the county," Arnone said. "Maybe, it might make a person who just wants to go to the beach for the day, maybe go to Allenhurst or maybe go to Asbury (Park) or something like that. We're never going to take people away from a destination, we're just going to make them aware that you're going to hit some heavy traffic."

You can listen to the full conversation Dave Crossan and I had with Monmouth County Commissioner Director Tom Arnone Sunday on 'Shore Time with Vin and Dave', right here.

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