Operator - "911 where is the emergency?"
Caller - "Umm, I'm actually on the Belmar Bridge. In the middle of the bridge, there is a car that's abandoned."
And with one call, one of the Jersey Shore's most troubling and saddest stories began to unfold.

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Back in January, I shared my concern, sadness, and disgust for what happened to Sarah Stern and the circumstances surrounded her disappearance.  This Sunday night we'll learn more about "The Shark River Mystery" as HLN's documentary airs nationwide.  As the show explains, "In 2016, 19-year-old Sarah Stern vanishes just before Christmas—her car found abandoned by Shark River. But the missing persons case soon turns into a homicide, and cops start focusing on a prom date."

Lies, Crimes, & Video on HLN (aka CNN Headline News) will explore what happened to Sarah Stern from Neptune Township in a new documentary this Sunday night (March 7th, 2021) at 10 pm.  While this mystery has been profiled on Dateline NBC, HLN will share another angle, "terrifying 911 calls, police interrogations jailhouse recordings, body camera and surveillance video captured as part of a criminal investigation. Episodes feature riveting stories that incorporate video evidence in criminal cases and shocking courtroom testimony. The lies, deceit and bad behavior are all caught on camera and presented in this candid true crime docu-series."

Rest in Peace Sarah.


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