So, this beautiful guy has been wandering the streets of Berkeley Township for several weeks now.

If you live in Berkeley Township, you might have seen this peacock.

Elizabeth Lange, Berkeley Township Resident

Several of Facebook posts have shown the peacock all over the place in Berkeley Township. He was recently seen in Sylvan Lakes area behind the Wawa in Bayville. This peacock is on the move from Berkeley Township Elementary School on Station Road, Wheaton Road, and all over. He's been in several cul-de-sacs off of Central Avenue and has been seen on Rt. 9. Please everybody let's just be careful and not hit him. As I'm writing this article my friend that lives near Central Regional High School just texted me and said she saw him at Veterans Park this morning. She calls him Hank. She's lucky she's seen "Hank" 3 times now. I thought it would be fun to name the Berkeley Peacock.

What, he's on the roof? Is this real?

Elizabeth Lange, Berkeley Township Resident

Now, how do I know it's a "he" peacock. I googled it - How can I tell the difference between a male and female peacock? Females are as big as males, but lack the train and head ornament. The beautiful feathers marked with eye-spots that are just gorgeous and of course that's the male. Isn't that how it always is. Just like mallards, with the beautiful green head and neck, it's the males that are gorgeous, just like the peacock. When a male peacock fans his tail, that's when the beautiful feathers "flutter" out.

P.S. By the way, Popcorn Park Zoo is not missing a peacock. Where did he come from? Does somebody have a peacock for a pet? I doubt he's missing from the Six Flags Great Adventure Safari, that's pretty far for "Hank" to walk.

I live in Bayville and have never seen him. Have you seen the Berkeley Township Peacock?

What should the Berkeley Township Peacock's name be? Let's name him. This could be fun and creative.

(Thank you to Elizabeth Lange for the pictures and thank you to Jessica, too.)


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