For a civilized country we sure have a major problem when it comes to mass shootings.  Used to be you would rarely hear about them, then it was occasionally, then it became more often and now it is rampant.  Defined as a shooting involving multiple firearm homicide incidents with four or more victims at one or more locations close to one another they now seem to be an almost daily occurrence…and they are.  The one at a bank in Louisville, Kentucky Monday was the 146th of the year and April is not even over yet.

These shootings spark considerable debate, most of it centered on gun control or lack thereof especially when it comes to assault weapons.  As guns are another issue which divides our country I am not looking to take up a debate on the topic.  Most of these shootings can at least partly be blamed on some type of mental illness.  I mean what rational person goes in a school or other public place and just randomly starts shooting?

Nobody seems to have an answer.  Sure you could make assault weapons illegal and that may help but what about all the ones that are already in the hands of owners and worse available on the black market.  It would take years and years to get most off the street.  Yes we could throw more money at treating those with mental problems but many of these shooters don’t show true signs until they go on their rampage.

No other country in the civilized world has a problem like we do and frankly it’s scary.  So many of these are random acts of violence during which the victims were often just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  We can only hope there is a way to stem this rising tide and all of us should be unified in that effort.

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