Following an intensive hiring process that began months ago with more than 100 candidates, Patrolmen Jose Diaz and Kamar Gainey are being welcomed into the Manchester Township Police Department.

The Patrolmen were sworn in this week by Mayor Ken Palmer during a ceremony at Town Hall.

Patrolmen Diaz and Gainey excelled in all aspects of testing, including physical and written exams, oral boards, and background investigations, earning them the top two overall spots.

“Ptl. Diaz and Ptl. Gainey have proven themselves to be upstanding members of the community who understand the value of service and giving back to our residents. We wish them the best of luck as they begin rewarding careers in law enforcement,” Police Chief Lisa Parker said. “With the continued support of Mayor Palmer and the Township Council, we're able to maintain appropriate staffing levels as our senior officers retire. I sincerely appreciate all that they do for our officers and our township.”

To become a police officer in Manchester, men and women must first pass a rigorous physical training test.

Applicants need to complete the physical training test which consists of timed pull ups, push-ups and sit-ups before they hit the track to run a mile.

If they reach a minimum of 200 points, it's into the ring to box for about a minute, which is meant to further test an applicants ability in real life situations.

If applicants make it through the physical test, they're given a study guide for the written exam.

Chief Parker looks for signs of character and integrity on the oral exam which follows the written test.

Learn more about the training and hiring process below:

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