Ever since we've had the Internet, the bizarre tour demands of entertainers have been floating around for public consumption. And it tends to be the bigger the star, the more bizarre the demands. Take Madonna for example - 

Our colleagues over at PopCrush report that not only does The Material Girl have a full "false room" constructed, with additional walls and ceilings built ("so they can ensure that no one has hidden a camera somewhere"), but apparently she also has a "sterilization team" that comes in after she leaves the venue to "[wipe] away any traces or remnants of her DNA so that it won’t be stolen".

Really? What, does she think someone is going to clone her and try to impersonate her?

I mean look, it's one thing to demand specific flowers and the famous prohibition against certain colors of candies, but a cleaner scrubbing up after Madge? Come on.

So what are your quirkiest behaviors? Do you have to use hand sanitizer after you touch anything in public? Do you need the milk carton facing a certain direction? Can your peas and mashed potatoes not touch on the plate? Leave a comment below and let us know how you give the mega-stars a run for their money!