Ladybelle is hoping for her forever home.

Popcorn Park Zoo

What is taking so long for Ladybelle to be offered a home? She just marked her 9 month anniversary. She was adopted briefly, but was returned when the person just changed their mind about having a dog. Ladybelle is about 5 years old and shelter life doesn't agree with her. As you can see in this video, once she's away from the hub-bub of the kennel, she's relaxed, so sweet and silly, and just the best girl. When she's in the kennel though, she's very anxious. Ladybelle simply loves to be with people. She has lots of energy but once she runs for a minute and gets her jumpies out, she's focused, calm, and so incredibly loving and affectionate. She's well-behaved too and she would love a home where she can chill out when she wants, and play like a goofball when she wants too. She gets along better with more mature kids, and also likes some larger dogs too. Ladybelle would be overjoyed if you welcomed her into your life.

Ladybelle is available for adoption at the Popcorn Park Zoo. (The Popcorn Park Zoo is closed due to Covid-19 but you can still adopt at this time. If you're interested in adopting Ladybelle or any pet from the rescue zoo, call ahead 609-693-1900.)

Popcorn Park Rescue Shelter

1 Humane Way

Forked River, NJ


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