It’s fairly common for us at WOBM to do voting contests to find everything from the best bakery to the best marching band and everything in between.  In partnership with our Shore Sports Network we are now looking to find what voters think is the best high school football concession stand.

There are 42 schools in the Shore Conference that play football and my guess is those who volunteer their time to work the refreshment stand think theirs is the best.  I’m sure everyone has hot dogs, pretzels, candy, soda, hot chocolate but some really go the distance.  Meatball/Sausage sandwiches, burgers cooked on a charcoal grill, chicken fingers, French fries and more.  If you are going to a game hungry on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon which concession stands offer you a chance to have more than a snack but a meal?

I’ve probably sampled about half of them over the years and yes I do have my personal favorites but I’ll keep them to myself for now.  We are looking for your opinion as to what is the best high school football concession stand from Matawan to Pinelands and 40 other schools in between.

You simply go to and look for the best concession stand at the Jersey Shore and cast your vote.  From the original list of 42 we will get down to the top ten next Tuesday and after a week the top three before we declare the winner.


Thanks to our friends at Jersey Mike’s the overall winner will receive a $250 gift card which they can use to buy subs and sell or enjoy on their own.  For what it’s worth I’ll tell you my favorite when the contest is concluded.

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