So the new Springsteen album "Western Stars" is set to drop June 14th. It's Springsteen's 19th studio album. The first single "Hello Sunshine" was released this past week and I thought it would be fun to "Grade the Boss"

Select below your "grade" and we'll discuss Monday Morning. Personally I like it. It's a great "driving" song. I can hear this playing while doing a road trip. Anything with "sunshine" can't be bad, right? Springsteen seems to always mature with each album. His sound reflects where he is at in life. I don't always agree with his politics, but I do agree with his guitar ..... I give "Hello Sunshine" a grade of "B"

By the way, You have to love the Jersey license plates in the video!

Listen to the new single, watch video and share your grade below .....

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