On Saturday I visited the brand new Museum of the American Revolution in Philly.  I really enjoyed my time there and thought you might be interested in knowing more about it, since it's a pretty easy drive from most of Ocean County.

Many parts of the museum are interactive with video touch screens, costumes, and craft areas.  I wish this kind of museum was around when I was a kid!

Timed tickets keep the exhibit area from feeling crowded.  The design of the building leads you from one area to the next.  In each room there is a variety of things to look at and experience.  How long you spend there will depend on your interest level and attention span.  You could take a few hours reading every summary and description of each artifact, or you could catch the highlights in about an hour.  (I'd recommend allowing more time than that.)

There are lots of timelines that helped make sense of the various historical moments we learned about in school.  I was inspired reading about the contributions of Abigail Adams and the women of the time.  Vignettes about Native Americans and slaves were eye-opening.  And you'll see many references to New Jersey and the other original colonies.

Privateer Ship Photo Credit Bluecadet

Climbing aboard the Privateer ship was fun for adults and kids alike.  If you like artifacts, you'll find some interesting ones.  If you want to see a life-size replica of a horse, you'll find that, too!

I'm glad this museum has opened.  It's been decades since I originally learned about the Revolutionary War in school so I liked learning new things (and being reminded of things I forgot) in this really nice new space.

Do you think you might visit this new attraction in Philadelphia?  If you'd like more information, here's the website for the Museum of the American Revolution.

Exterior Building Photo Credit: Museum of the American Revolution

Ship Photo Credit: BlueCadet




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