A chilling true crime case took place in our state.

It's always unnerving to hear of shocking crimes happening in your own backyard.  It's even more intense when these stories make national news and become the subject of crime shows.

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One example of this, is the story of the shooting of Lauren Kanarek, which takes place in Long Valley, near Morristown.  The chilling crime gained so much attention, it ended up being the subject of an episode of CBS' 48 Hours.

Who is Lauren Kanarek?

According to CBS News, Lauren Kanarek is an equestrian who was training under an Olympian named Michael Barisone.  Everything seemed to be going well until the pair's relationship took a turn for the worse.

Kanarek started to have disagreements with her coach, and she took to social media to share her issues, per CBS News.  This upset Barisone, who unfortunately took matters into his own hands in an extreme way.

On August 7, 2019, in Long Valley, Lauren Kanarek was shot by her riding instructor.  Barisone also tried to target her boyfriend, Rob Goodwin but failed.  Goodwin tackled and beat the gunman until authorities arrived.  Thankfully, Kanarek and Goodwin survived.

Michael Barisone also survived his injuries and was arrested and brought to trial, but declared not guilty due to insanity.  Lauren feels that justice was not served.

How can I watch Lauren Kanarek's episode of 48 Hours?

Now, Lauren and Michael are sharing their sides of the story on an episode of 48 Hours. The episode is on demand with cable providers, and streaming on Paramount +.

Watch the trailer for this chilling episode below.

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