It's a good old fashioned turf war in Lacey Township.

As we move closer to the grand openings of both ALDI and Lidl next Tuesday, September 10th, and the Great Lacey Township Grocery Store War of 2019 heats up, Lidl just announced that they will be doubling the giveaways.

Previously, we reported that Lidl will be giving away gift cards ranging from $5 to $100 to the first 100 customers.

Just moments ago, I received an email from a Lidl spokesperson informing me that they're doubling the giveaways, now handing out gift cards to the first 200 customers, and upping the values, with the possibility of scoring a gift card worth up to $250.

In addition, the spokesperson told me that they'll give out 3 gift cards worth $500 to a trio of lucky shoppers.

This of course follows the escalating tit for tat between Lidl and ALDI who are now opening on the same day only miles apart on Route 9.

Of course, the competition is good news for us, the local shoppers, as both Germany-based grocers try to outdo each other ahead of their ribbon cuttings.

We'll keep you up to date if either grocer ups the ante even further between now and next Tuesday.


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