As the Great Lacey Township Grocery Store War of 2019 continues, ALDI is telling us what we can expect at the ribbon cutting in Forked River next Tuesday, September 10th.

The doors are set to officially open on the Route 9 grocery store at 7:45 on Tuesday morning, with the first 100 customers scoring themselves a "Golden Ticket" gift card.

Plus, one lucky winner will get themselves a year's worth of ALDI produce (hopefully, not all at once).

Of course, on the same day just down Route 9, the Lacey Township Lidl will also be cutting their ribbon (5 minutes earlier, sassy!).

You have to admit, it's been entertaining to watch the ALDI/Lidl war in Lacey, and in the end, it's the shoppers who win when retailers compete as hard as these two are.

Will you be checking out the grand opening of ALDI next Tuesday? How about Lidl?

Stop by our Facebook page and let us know who you think will win the grocery war!


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