Throughout each and every news cycle on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis we see sometimes the best in people and the worst in people.

There are stories of things that happen which require more of us in society -- whether it's helping find who is missing, who is responsible for a crime or accident, working with police to ensure our community is safe, spreading messages of hope and safety, and going above and beyond who we are and what we normally do in order to help others both here at the Jersey Shore and far beyond.

Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Paul Kanitra showed us how to do that when he went to the border in Poland to help Ukrainian refugees and then came back and went right to putting together a benefit concert to help them even more.

Police and law enforcement agencies across Ocean and Monmouth County continue working hard to rid our communities of drugs.

Good samaritans come to the rescue of a woman being stabbed in Toms River.

A Monmouth County Pharmacist is focusing his efforts on opening up a no-cost pharmacy in Red Bank for those who can't afford medication.

There are lots of stories that took place this month across Ocean County, Monmouth County, and beyond that, we should take time out and look upon, and learn how to make April as safe and healthy a month as possible.

Most impactful Jersey Shore News stories of March

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